How playing video games can be good for you

Costa Bingo

We always hear how bad gaming is for us. People complain it will stop us exercising and taking fresh air, and that it’s an anti-social activity. However, there are some research studies that stand up for the benefits of playing video games. Here are just a few examples. Eyes down to increase your mental agility […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Definitely Need Some Attention

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Precursor

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may be the newest smart phone to appear from the house of the Korean phone producer, and what do you contact this device? Biggest smartphone The query is validated, given the popularity of this system as a multiple of mobile phones and tablets, so let’s mix-up the titles as well. The right […]

Play Time: Installing a Game Downloaded from a Torrent File

Vuze Torrent Client

You just snagged yourself the coolest new game on the Internet – for free, and legally. Now it’s time to take that torrent and install the actual app on your computer – but how? Downloading torrent files is pretty straightforward. But, the torrent file itself isn’t the game. What to do with Torrent files? Let’s […]