Hitman 2 Silent Assassin : Overview – Gameplay

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’s Tagline.

“Explore a universe, minutely recreated in fantasy, but based on facts – not fiction. Visit the dark recesses of a world corrupted by crime, greed, degradation and dishonor.”

“Hitman 2: Silent Assassin”, HD walkthrough (Professional), Mission 1 – Anathema


Barge into the world of a former high-target assassin who is coerced into his old ways; eliminate mischievous rascals as vengeance for betrayal. Although, you take the persona of a gun for hire, agent 47 still holds values of justice and loyalty very seriously. Enter a world where crime, corruption, greed, degradation, and scandal vanquish the weak and the impotent. Visit a dark place where your past haunts you down, but how will the assassin act?
Agent 47 lives in an age where no one should be trusted! If the price is right, your most entrusted partner or associate won’t think twice before pulling the trigger. Your prey will lie low in the most unexpected places, hinterlands, rural districts, secluded spots, and remote areas. But their elimination is never obviated, but rather adjourned.
Attain your trade skill, master the art of silent assassination, remain in the shadow, and leave no trace behind you. As a hitman, you need to be proficient in overcoming your predicaments, outwitting your foes, and hiding any evidence against you. Keep this in mind, impetuous decisions breed repercussions. Recognize when’s the right time to strike, and when to take your good old time. Luck favors the steady and the prepared, hence failure is out of question.

Synopsis: Spoiler Alert!

Events take place after the previous sequel Hitman Codename 47; Agent 47 is in pursuit of refuge within an abbey in Sicily. Seeking to leave his past and embrace a new life as a church gardener under the adherence of mentor Vittorio. The priest is then captured by the Mafia, to then agent 47 steps in. In desperate need to find his companion, 47 reaches out to the International Contract Agency, which he used to work with, and solicits immediate assistance. Afterwards, Emilio’s location is tracked down using the spy satellite. The silent assassin learns that his mentor is kidnapped and imprisoned in the fortified mansion of Don Giuseppe Giulliani. Agent 47 equips his usual tools and insinuates the mansion in an endeavor to find Vittorio and dispatch the leader of the Mafia. Unfortunately, 47 discovers that Vittorio has been the victim of an abduction; the only evidence he found is that the kidnappers are four bearded Russian men in uniform. The agency contacts 47 and requests he returns to work for them as a token of appreciation for their support to help him search for Vittorio. To that the assassin agrees and embarks in his hunt for his friend using the money from his job with the agency.


It is a third person shooter/stealth combo; you get assigned with contract missions to assassinate one particular target. How you complete a mission is utterly up to you. Whether you would like to bash you enemies with your silenced ballers or enjoy a bloodier shooting scenery with a shotgun and a submachine gun. Or do you prefer the sneakier and stealthier ways to assassinate your prey? Make use of your fiber wire or with the knife. Now don’t forget to get rid of the bodies, otherwise you’ll alert the guards and everyone around you.
The assassin can also choose alternative ways if he doesn’t wish to stain his hands with blood. Instead of running and gunning, set traps, poison food and drinks, and lure your prey to a hostile area where they can never be found alive or dead. Before unlocking an assignment, 47 is given a specific intelligence about the target like his whereabouts, which weapons to use and few information briefing certain facts about your prey. Diana will guide you through the mission and provide you with a picture and a video to help you further.
The game gives players the full freedom to embrace their own ways of dealing with their targets. There is no wrong or right way, get creative, explore the whole place, and do whatever you want. Don’t forget, it is always fun to aim for the head.