Hitman Absolution : Genral Overview

It’s Not Every Day I Get To Kill Me A Legend.

General Overview:

Once again betrayed, backstabbed, and wanted by the police, the original assassin is back full strength as never before. Agent 47 finds himself in a quest for redemption in a debased and sick society tinted by filth, corruption, and greed.


Hitman Absolution is built on a number of special features different from its predecessors, displaying a cinematic story, original art directions with distinctive sound and game design. Thanks to the highly advanced gameplay mechanics and revolutionary AI system, Hitman: Absolution offers a multitude of choices agent 47 can opt for. That means, you can spy on your prey, plot their death, and much more. But keep in mind, the actions you make are not free from consequences. Let’s not forget the wide open and living world you are set in; get to unlock rich dialogues, unique stories, and enjoy every moment you are offered because the gameplay is like no other. Another key feature that you will find highly beneficial is Instinct Mode; you can see the world through Hitman’s eyes thanks to your instincts. Become the most feared and deadliest assassin the world has ever perceived. The instinct mode unlocks you the ability to predict NPC’s movements, highlight key points of interest, and avoid getting caught if you are in disguise.


Agent 47 receives an assassination contract from the International Contract Agency (ICA) to take down his former handler Diana Burnwood, who is believed to have betrayed the agency for reasons that remained unclear and wrecked their funding and database. This had pushed them to enforce a reform. When 47 confronts her, he discovers that her betrayal was justifiable; She was trying to protect a genetically engineered girl called Victoria from a history of violence. Bullets pierce through shower glass and penetrate her chest, leading her to bleed on the floor helpless and vulnerable. Agent 47 then proceeds to pursue further information about the teenage girl after he dropped her at the Redwood Orphanage. Thirsty to get a grip of the truth, the bolded assassin meets the degenerate “Birdie” to ask about any info regarding the girl, he goes on to task him with an assassination contract; locate the local crime boss and take him down. Birdie then informs him that Blake Dexter has a huge interest in Victoria. Tasked with the protection of the girl, 47 learns that Dexter is planning to kidnap her and sell her to the highest bidder. The professional assassin must improvise and adapt to his new environment as everybody around him from rival agencies, criminal scums, and even the police want him dead or alive! This is all happening at once while he endeavors to comprehend his own humanity.

How will you survive in a world filled with corruption and crime? Will you find your own true purpose while remaining just? Or will you follow the same blood tinted path as the rest. The choices are yours, and the consequences are inescapable. Choose wisely 47.