Most powerful bosses in Video Games

When it comes to boss fights, players love a sense of challenge. It is no doubt that the more difficult it is to take down your nemesis the better the reward it gives you and the stronger your sense of achievement gets. But what if this boss is just ridiculously hard to defeat? Today we’ve picked up the top 5 most powerful bosses in video games.

1) Nameless King : Dark Souls 3

The number one hardest boss fight in this list goes to this gigantic, lighting-infused God of war “The Nameless King”. The fight takes place in Archdragon Peak, a misty void where the Nameless King spawns in on his stormdrake and is completely prepared to bust you down. Now before you even embark on this mission, make sure you’re lighting and fire defences are maxed out, because it will make a huge difference to your survival. Lighting here is key. First, you’ll have to fight the King of Storm; aim for the neck and head since that are his two weak spots. The dragon will tactfully attack you by flying in the air and breathe fire onto you . So small advice, as soon as you see him leave the ground, RUN! Be cautious however, when you’re underneath the neck and head area, the Nameless king will attempt to strike you as well. So be Watchful.

Nameless King - Dark Souls 3

2) Orphan of Kos : Bloodborne

By far this is the ultimate difficult game FromSoftware has ever released. It is known to be a tough game, not your usual cakewalk, and by and large, this boss is the nastiest of them all. Orphan of Kos is another Old Hunters’ monster, and we will tell you exactly why he is claimed to be a nuisance. He is unpredictable; hard to pin down and this is related to his sheer aggression. His attack is fluid and volatile; this is his first phase. However, his second phase is plainly ridiculous! He’ll call the storms, he will bounce like a lunatic, and cascades poison spit everywhere. Of course, there is plenty of space you can use to dodge his spews, but giving the fact of his utmost speed, you will feel overwhelmed.

Orphan of Kos - Bloodborne

3) Voslaarum & Naaslaarum : Skyrim

To all Skyrim fans who thought fighting dragons is a piece of cake once you buffed your dragonborn. Well, you have to think twice then when you unlock the Downguard DLC because this two-bosses battle will knock the living soul out of you. Dragon hunting comes at a completely new level; enter the Forgotten Vale and observe how two revered dragons break off from beneath the frozen lake and attack you. Voslaarum will use the “Drain Vitality ” shout on you that’ll cause an incredible drop in your health bar. Unless you are level legendary, and even then, fighting these two doesn’t come for free. They’ll fly underneath the surface ice and go all the way up in the hills just to attack you from above. However, these two revered dragons aren’t unbeatable, they’ll behave like regular dragons just causing you a massive headache.

Voslaarum & Naaslaarum - Skyrim

4) Psycho Mantis : Metal Gear Solid

This infamous boss fight is soul crashing, and we are not even exaggerating! In fact, Metal Gear Solid has one of the most notorious boss battles in the history of video games. And most likely you’ve played this when you are young, too young to figure out a way to beat this boss and outsmart him. What is special about him is that Psycho Mantis is a teleph; he can predict Snake’s thoughts and movements. Therefore, any attempt to attack or strike, he will be able to dodge it. What many players at the time didn’t know is that you can switch the controller to the second player port. This will halt Psycho Mantis from predicting your thoughts and reading your mind. Pc players have no controller port option so an alternative tactic to defeat him has been changed.

Psycho Mantis - Metal Gear Solid

5) Scarlet: Silent Hill Homecoming

Being the dismembered child monster and daughter of Dr. Martin Fitch who murdered her as an offering to the order and their deity. Scarlet is more emotionally and behaviourally intelligent than most monsters associated with children, but this remains unconfirmed. Since she may be reincarnated into Scarlet herself, she is the only monster boss who has the same name as the dead child. She is extremely terrifying and utterly aggressive. She strikes with her claws and teeth as her main weapons. Plus, she has a very high health bar; up to 1000pts. While attacking she will either bite scratch with her claws or jump from the ceilings to evade your attacks. A downside, and the reason why we think this boss battle is a pain in the bum, you cannot attack Scarlet with your knife. She is not that difficult either but a bit annoying to defeat.

Scarlet - Silent Hill Homecoming

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our list for the most powerful bosses. What about yours? And about the weakest bosses? Stay Tuned