The Latest PS5 Console Updates So Far

Since its initial release, the PS5 has been evolving and granting its fan base constant new features and improvements. With every upgrade comes a better experience on PlayStation. This article will cover every major software update on console.

PS5 Storage Expansion and Management:

This update allows users to transfer their games from PS5’s internal storage to a USB extended storage. This way, you can increase the storage capabilities of your console, copy your PS5 games back to the internal storage whenever you feel like it.
Plus, it is way faster to reinstall games from the USB drives than to download them or copy them again from the disc.
PS5 games are programmed to use the console’s ultra-high-speed SSD, which means you cannot play PS5 titles from the USB drives. Nevertheless, the games you transfer to the internal storage will be updated automatically.

New Social Features for PS5 and PS4: Cross-generation Share Play

This new feature allows PS4 and PS5 users to share play together and chat at the same time in different parties. This means that you can share your screen with your PS4 buddies or let them try PS5 games through Share Play. Moreover, this update allows you to virtually share the controller or pass a second controller to a friend and play co-op games.
To provide players with more gameplay opportunities together, the new social feature in the PS5 has joinable game sessions that also appears on the PS4. Through the “request to join” option, you can send a game invitation and that way buy yourself time instead of wasting it to get into a game. You can also choose whom you want to interact with in the setting menu and pick games, messages, and parties.

Enhanced Control and Personalization Options for PS5 :

Game Base Improvement: Improved game base allows quicker access to important content and features. Switch easily and swiftly between parties and friends and chat with either your existing parties or take a look at what they’ve been up to. Feeling like you don’t want to be disturbed by annoying notifications? Now you can turn them on and off for each party as you please.
New Trophy settings and Stats Screen: You can customize when to screenshot level trophies; This means you can choose specific high-grade trophies like Gold or Platinum to be recorded. Capture the most important moments and achievements at your own pace and get rid of the automatic screenshot or video clip.

Disable Game Chat and adjust player’s volume: Do you get distracted by all the in-game chat of your parties? Well now you can disable them with a click of a button; it turns their off their mic, audio, as well as yours. Not only that, but you can also control the volume of the individual voices so you won’t need to ask them if their can adjust their sound.

Game Update Pre-download: Once developers enable this feature, you can get game updates pre-downloaded to your console automatically. Make sure the “automatic updates” option is enabled and your PS5 is on rest mode. This will let you play your games on the latest versions and avoid any occurring bugs or game glitches.