Top 5 Overrated boss fights in Video Games

Some video games are famously known for their difficult and usually nudnik bosses. But how would you feel about an overrated boss? These are the weakest antagonists you can defeat in a blink of an eye.

Joker (Batman: Arkham Asylum):

While Batman has successively orchestrated to do an amazing job in terms of free-flow combat, survival horror elements, intense setting etc. It has unfortunately missed an important point; the final boss fight was in much need of further improvements. In fact, there has been incessant complaints about this, and fans were very disappointed with how the end result came out to be. The game’s plot centers around the manipulative tactic the Joker relies on to use against the doctor in order to acquire the titan formula. This is to create an army of gigantic Banes sent across all of Gotham. He injects himself and transforms into a monstrosity yet ends up being just a “joke”. Players felt that he is out of character and just ridiculous; his moves and attacks using normal enemies proves how mundane and boring it is to defeat him.

Mia in The Attic (Resident Evil 7) :

This is the first boss fight you encounter in RE7 and one of the most frightening as well. Nevertheless, after quite some time playing and comparing her to other enemies, Mia isn’t that difficult or horrifying as she looks. In fact, she is Ethan Winter’s wife who surprisingly has some horrific abilities as portrayed early on in the game. Despite the allegation of her being difficult and tricky to defeat, this comes all to an end as this boss fight is just Mia going insane flailing with a chainsaw. In the first fight, Ethan has no weapon to defend himself with, which might seem daunting but in fact, as he pulls the trigger Mia will fall to the ground. All you have to do is shoot her in the head and run for it! Regardless of what players thought about her, she’s not all that difficult.

Hemwick Witch :

Bloodborne is known for its difficulty level, and some bosses are undefeatable or at least troublesome to pass by. However, there are some overrated bosses that everyone thinks they’re difficult, but in reality, they just lack enough skill themselves. The Hemwick Witch is optional to fight and for some she is toilsome. Nevertheless, with the right speed and timing, you can easily trounce. Keep in mind that during the battle in the arena, you’ll have to fight her as well as the enemies alongside her. She also creates copies of herself with different health bars and other abilities. So, to avoid all this nuisance, take your time at the beginning since she appears less hostile. When she reaches half her heath bar, aim for all three versions of her at once within one minute. It is a matter of time rather than the actual boss, which makes her fairly an easy catch.

The Armored Warrior (Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) :

Sekiro is overflowing with difficult bosses, which makes Shadows Die Twice one of Software’s best games ever! On this list, we’ve chosen the rather confusing warrior with his enormous, long two-handed sword. His supposed “deathblows” do not actually work which makes him appear invincible. Overall, there is not much complexity or strictness to take him down once you get a grip of how to win. Just a quick tip, forget all the parrying or jumping methods, it will do nothing and won’t prevent his greatsword from reaching you. Instead, your main tactic should be dodging while moving right in a counter circular fashion. You want to keep as much distance as possible because his sweeping one-handed attack with his roar will crash your skull. Other than that, he is not that difficult and actually pretty easy to defeat once you understand how things work.

Medusa ( Assassin’s Creed Odyssey):

The Ancient Greek Myth, the great and gorgeous Medusa with her venomous hair snakes and her stoning gaze, also known as Writhing Dread in Odyssey. She is the final boss within the quest The Stone Garden. Is she as powerful and daunting as she is portrayed to be in Greek legends? In fact, despite being a notoriously deadly gorgon, most players can beat her in 5mins. While it is true, she may be the toughest and chaotic boss in this list, she is way too overrated. And if you have no clue how to defeat her, you’ll have a hard time finishing the game. Luckily, there’s an easy way to save you from big troubles along your way. All you have to do is camp behind a pillar and secure a good angle where you can get a clear headshot with your bow. And what’s the fun part? She can’t hit you back with her beam. It will be a long fight but definitely worth the time.

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